Book signing at the Nederland Library

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The Nederland Community Library staff–Gretchen Beatty, Louise Fordyce and crew–helped set up the room next to the library in the Nederland shopping center for my first book signing on August 13. We put posters on the walls and left up the carousel decorations made by the Summer Reading Program kids. The big, impersonal room took on a homey Victorian feel when they finished. Fifty-four people–lots of old-timers along with lots of newcomers to the area–showed up for my first reading, and it was a treat from start to finish. We all shared some fun memories and some awesome treats provided by the library.

We sold books through the Library Foundation, and I gave them 25% of the sale price. We raised over $200 for the new library.

Thanks to all who came! Here are a couple of pictures: one of me with Harry Hedghes and Gretchen Beatty and one of some of the people who came and wanted their books signed.

kay-and-harry-hedghes NedLibraryBookSigning2009