The Last of the Wild West Cowgirls: A True Story

A 2010 WILLA Literary Award Finalist for the best of 2009 published literature for women’s stories set in the American West

Goldie Griffith was one of a kind.

She boxed. She wrestled. She rode bucking broncos in the Buffalo Bill Wild West traveling tent shows, and a newspaper referred to the pretty young bronco buster as a “Heller in Skirts.”

She was one of the first professional female athletes.

She was an actor and stunt rider for the brand-new western movies that were taking the country by storm.

She was married during a Wild West at Madison Square Garden with a crowd of 8,000 in attendance.

She became a rancher and owned several restaurants in the mountains of Colorado. She trained dogs for the war and applied to be the first policewoman in San Francisco.

Her life was a wild roller-coaster ride through the 20th century. Was there anything she couldn’t do? She didn’t think so. This is the (amazingly) true story of Goldie Griffith’s life.


The Last of the Wild West Cowgirls:
A True Story

By Kay Turnbaugh

394 pages; with over 120 photographs and images

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